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The ability for my players/streamers to capture key gaming moments and share to their fanbase so easily is crucial. The best part of Gyazo is that I can capture, upload, and share with no interruption to my game.
CEO of Elevate

Elevate is a US-based team playing and streaming Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and Call of Duty with first place and podium finishes in top tournaments. They have hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.


We use Gyazo to share the results of our practice scrims and to share images with each other. It's helpful to use it individually and as a team. With Gyazo we are able to improve our skills and rise to new heights.
PR Lead of PNG

PNG is a team from Japan playing Call of Duty, PUBG, Super Smash Brothers, and CS:GO with podium finishes in local tournaments. They are gaining fans fast and their gear is sold in major stores in Japan.

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